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Why use a chatbot for your customer service ?

According to Google Trends, demand for online Chatbot service has been on the rise since March 2020. Arguably, businesses, forced to cut budgets, are turning to chatbots as a way to improve customer service without hurting its quality. The chatbot, or conversational bot, is currently enjoying unprecedented popularity. Chatbots can help you grow your business online quickly. Learn all about using chatbots for enterprise customer service here.

Importance of chatbots for your company

A chatbot is a small computer program used for messaging between a client and an entity without the intervention of a physical person. You can see on this official website that there are two types of chatbots : basic and intelligent chatbots. A basic chatbot is the most common type in customer service, where a human must attribute a response to keywords. 

However, you must update the language of this type of chatbot to be in agreement with the services of the box. An autonomous chatbot, on the other hand, is powered by artificial intelligence. He is connected to different customer relationship channels of a box. This means that it will learn from conversations with a human agent. This type of bot perfectly simulates interactions between humans.

Advantages of chatbots for your company

The many benefits of using a chatbot in customer service are extremely varied. First and foremost, messaging is the new normal for consumer-business interactions. 75% of consumers prefer to communicate with businesses via an online application rather than by phone. Moreover, the integration of email on the company's website increases its conversion rate. 

In fact, 53% of customers are more likely to buy something from a business they are contacted with through online messaging. Additionally, chatbots are self-contained and can be programmed to respond specifically to customer requests and queries. Finally, they create a better customer experience because they provide relevant answers in a timely manner.