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How to choose a battery for your laptop?

The battery represents the life of a computer. For this reason, the choice of a battery for a laptop computer requires rigorous consideration of a few essential elements. What are the elements to take into account when choosing your computer?

Original reference and voltage

To begin with, let's look at the first element to take into account when choosing a battery for your computer. This is the original part number. All batteries, such as the battery for laptop compaq tablet pc, have their part numbers on the battery. To check this, remove the battery from the laptop, you will see this on the label. This is a personal code made up of numbers and letters and varies according to the brand.  To be on the safe side, you can also look at the country of production and the danger indications.  The voltage is also an important point to consider when buying a battery. For example, there are 10.8V batteries with 6 cells, 14.4V batteries with 8 cells, etc. In fact, you should take into account the energy requirements of your computer in order to buy a battery that is compatible with it. 

Battery capacity 

The capacity of the battery is usually expressed in mah or wh. The Wh gives information about the battery's autonomy. So before you buy your computer, it is important that you have an idea of its energy requirement in watts. For example, a laptop with an energy requirement of 20 watts can be powered by a 48 Wh battery for 2.5 hours. The autonomy of the battery therefore depends on the mAh or Wh value. The most commonly used batteries are those with a capacity of 4400 mAh or 48 Wh. This capacity corresponds to a voltage of 10.8V, or 6 cells. However, there are much more powerful batteries. Some users will prefer batteries with a capacity of 6600 mah and a voltage of 10.8v (9 cells) or a 12-cell battery with 8800 mah. These higher capacities increase the battery life in the computer.