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Can being in a relationship result in fulfillment?

Many studies have been conducted over the past decade on how being in a relationship affects individuals. Most have sought to understand whether their psychological and physical health is better or worse. It seems that the answer is: people are generally better off when they share their lives with a significant other. Here are the different ways it helps each individual achieve fulfillment.

Commitment: a source of long-term satisfaction

Many people, when faced with the idea of becoming a couple, suddenly become afraid. They fear that they will lose their independence and that their identity will be diluted. However, this is not what studies show.

On the contrary, those who enter into a relationship, ready to commit to it, gain much more than they lose. This is what you will read and more if you click here.

The golden rule of trinity.

In fact, there is a new theory, called "Trinity", which goes so far as to say that two individuals who are willing to let go, for the benefit of the couple, will allow the creation of a third unit within the union. This essence is the sum of who they are, and it can provide them with additional resources that they can use to build their stronger, better world. By voluntarily breaking down the wall between the partners, they can achieve the ultimate unity of mind, heart and body. This state of constant happiness will automatically help them grow, individually, but also as part of the unit.

Fulfillment comes through togetherness. A healthy couple will feel as if the other person is almost a continuation of themselves. This is because of the great closeness they share. Being part of such a union can only bring positive things, since you feel that the other person really understands you. This is the most important element of a couple, because everyone wants to be understood, but usually feels misunderstood.

Complicity implies that you think the same way on most subjects.